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Psychedelic migrations of sounds in motion
Floralia 1 "Floralia Vol. 1" (1996 CD, On / Off) Howth Castle, Kryptästhesie, Subterraneans, Mirabilia, Knot Toulouse, Oak, Angus, Sunscape, Backwards, Acidi Tonanti, Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillators, Olographic Landscapes, Gastel Etzwane. (all Italian bands)
Floralia 2 "Floralia Vol. 2" (1997 CD, On / Off) Atman, Anna Nacher (Polonia), Atman, Anna Nacher (Poland), ZeN (Turkey), Humus, Frolic Froth (Mexico), Ole Lukkoye (Russia), Earcandy, Wobble Jiggle Jaggle, Moonflowers (UK), Dunlavy, Bag, Iron Bong (USA), S/T (Germany), Tribe of Cro (Belgium), Krypthästesie, Lo-Fi Sucks!, TV Dinner (Italy).
Floralia 3 "Floralia Vol. 3" (1999 CD, WoT 4) Cosmic Gardeners (Germany), AMP, Ectogram (UK), Korai Öröm (Hungary), Tom Kazas (Australia), OHM, Tombstone Valentine (USA), In The Labyrinth (Sweden), Alquimia, Smoking the Century Away (Mexico), This Fluid (Greece), Acid Mothers Temple (Japan), Magic Carpathians (Poland), Le Forbici di Manitù (Italy).
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Let's talk about Floralia...
'… one of the best psych compilations around right now' (Crohinga Well)
'… the roll-call is impressive' (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
'… hippy dippy, global psych round-up' (The Wire)
"… they're so good and have exclusive tracks by such great bands that it's worth giving them a plug" (Aural Innovations)
"…the 'now approaching legendary' Floralia comps …the standard is exceptionally high with some great global psychedelia featured here" (pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK)
"…An essential collection of international space explorers" (Dream Magazine)
"…if you're into experimental or psychedelic music, this disc contains some stuff you might want to check out" (Axiom of Choice)
"…Floralia is a wild and groovy ride" (Worship Guitars)