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"No Age"

Romeo (drums),

Fausto Radaelli
(bass, guitar),

Cosma (percussion),

Dario Antonetti
(guitar, bass, vioce),

Maurizio Consonni
(guitar, synth)
For the Greek etymology KRYPTÄSTHESIE means 'hidden senses' and for five psychonauts from Lecco, Italy, means music. With this tuning they walked a long way since "Shaken At The Sun", self produced double LP, cast a new light on Italian psychedelia. It was 1992, and since then they (psyche)delighted the electroacoustic grooves of a mythical yellow 10" single ("The Bodynaut" vs. "Dream Machine"), fuelled the tribal dance of "A Little Contribution For A Free World" (given away with the Magic Fuzz magazine), flowed with "Mara e la Macchina del Tempo" (Mara and the Time Machine) through the cosmic routes traced on "Floralia Vol. 1" (On/Off Records), a compilation also featuring contributions from two different side projects of Kryptästhesie (Gastel Etzwane and Olographic Landscapes). Their sounds also captured the interest of Delerium Records which issued their second work "Inner Whirl"during 1996, contributing to impose Kryptästhesie as best national band of the year on the Italian magazine "Rockerilla".
Also the foreign countries started to spot the phenomenon, spending many good words to relate of this original melting pot painted by guitar - synth based freakout and lysergic acoustic frequencies, Kraut rock machineries, Eastern spices and heavy garage punk bursts.
During the last two years they contributed with exclusive songs to some great compilations, prelude to a blossoming of new recordings that now see the light. It marks the end of Kryptästhesie phase one. When they return, somewhere in the space-time and maybe with other names, who knows where the wind blows. Enjoy it for now, Mizmaze is proud to announce:

· "Dark Lady Incontra il suo Fantasma Preferito / Tonno Morto"
(Dark Lady Meets Her Favourite Ghost / Dead Tuna)
7"EP split with Linus Pauling Quartet

· "No Age" CD



· "Leaves Laughters" MC (selfproduced , 1985)
· "Any Water Knows" MC (selfproduced , 1987)


· "Kryptästhesie" 7"EP ( Snowdonia, 1989)
· "The Bodynaut / Dream Machine" 10" yellow vinyl (selfproduced, 1996)
· "Dark Lady Incontra il suo Fantasma Preferito / Tonno Morto" 7" (Mizmaze Records, 1999 - split single with Linus Pauling Quartet)


· "Shaken At The Sun" dbl LP (Menhir Records, 1992)
· "Inner Whirl" CD (Delerium Records, 1996)
· "No Age" CD (Mizmaze Records, 2000)


· "Faces Vol. 1" CD (Face Records, 1992) includes "Then My Left Eye Began Again"
· "Apocalisse di Diamante" (Toast, 1993) includes "An Evening Following a Cattle Fish"
· "Pick 'n' Mix" (Delerium, 1995) includes "Watching the Sky"
· "Floralia Vol. 1" CD (On / Off Records, 1996) includes "Mara e la Macchina del Tempo"
· "Electronic Age" CD (20th Century Music, 1997) includes "Idrogeno"
· "Floralia Vol. 2" CD (On / Off Records, 1997) includes "Brevi Amnesie"
· "SBIM SBAM" CD (Snowdonia, 1998) includes "Syd-Eral"


· "A Little Contribution for a Free World" on a mini CD 3" (1996) with Magic Fuzz magazine

Other projects

· Gastel Etzwane / Olographic Landscapes "Tandem Trance" MC (On / Off Records, 1997)
· Olographic Landscapes "Shui" CD (Aua Records, 1999)
· Etere-o "Pulviscolo" CD-R (Aria, 2000)
· Effetto Doppler "Indifferente" (from "Floralia Vol. 4" Mizmaze / WoT4, 2002)

(P) 1999


Dario Antonetti: effettodoppler@hotmail.com

Fausto Radaelli: fradaell@novanet.it