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Floralia's fertile cycle reaches the meeting with a new compilation. A psynchronic equinox where the spontaneous birth of realities contamined by different sounds and cultures reveals an attitude to open to the world like a flower ready for the reproductive process. Four flowers have blossomed since 1996, an entry-point to other dimensions, expressions of a revival of the senses, set free in an evocative parallel translated into music by recent underground bands. The fourth volume now takes up the task of following this course of discovery and creativity, nature and technology, breathing the vapours of the worlds, where also the attention for the soul's and the body's pleasures are mixed up. Flow(er) on….


SOLAR MUMUNS (UK) "An Angels Egg Lays In Your Mind"
The end of legendary Moonflowers is giving birth to some new beginnings, coming back to Floralia also thanks to the relentless creativity of some original members like Sean O'Neil, founder of Solar Mumuns. A journey in the framework of a folk project and electronic aural sculptures where an alchemic fusion (de)materialises an ambient psychedelic maze.
info@coloursandsounds.freeserve.co.uk - www.coloursandsounds.freeserve.co.uk

FIT & LIMO (Germany) "When The World Began"
Petra and Stefan Lienemann move Fit & Limo's electroacoustic kaleidoscope from Altdorf, Germany. Some of their recent releases such as "As Above So Below" and "The Serpent Unrolled" (September Gurls) are the strongest possible push to poke into a discography exposed, starting from the end of '80s, also to mutant projects like Discolor. Among the direct descendants of the folkiest bands in the Krautrock scene.
EKTROVERDE (Finland) "Older"
At the basis of this collective from Pori, Finland, there is a swarming of mutual contributions. A long course of discoverings also through other names like Circle, Lehtisalo Family, Pharoah Overlord, characterised by the exploration of sensible musicians being at the same time curious and creative inhabitants of a very organised underground world whose soundtrack gives rise to sounds driven by the pleasure toward a joyful whole.
ektro@verkkotieto.fi / www.ektrorecords.com
MANDIBLE CHATTER (USA) "So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)"
A S. Francisco based band rooted in experimental ambient-industrial oriented music. After ten years of activity and albums like "Grace" and "Food for the Moon" (Manifold), the Mandible Chatter go through their creative peak with the song-form and the acoustic spices of their recent (2000) "Measuring the Marigolds". A fantastic collision in tribute to their inspirational sources, substantiated by this Spaceman 3 cover.
grantm@mandiblechatter.com / www.mandiblechatter.com
EFFETTO DOPPLER (Italy) "Indifferente"
Effetto Doppler (Doppler Effect) were born at the end of 2000 from members of Kryptästhesie, Dalsangre and Acidi Tonanti. A blossom of new experiences blooming into this first flower. A magnetic music among ethereal contemplation and electric exuberance, inside the oscillating architecture of lysergic pop, space arabesques, alien echoes. An ecstatic and mysterious tempered sonic magma gliding along the wave configuration to give speed to the communicating motions.
BABA ZULA (Turkey) "Dep (Earthquake Song)"
From Istanbul, Turkey, some members of the cult band ZeN come back to Floralia with a side project open to the multimediality through the cross-over of theatre, cinema and music which, after an intense live activity, has flowed into the "Üç Oyundan Onyedi Müzik" album (17 musics for three plays - Doublemoon 1999). The sound of Baba ZuLa melts to the trance-heat of an ethno-electronic music at the crossroads between East and West in a parade of traditional Turkish and modern instruments.
m.ertel@turk.net / levent_akman@yahoo.com
GROUP 2012 (Russia) "8 mm"
From St. Petersburg, Russia, another reality very active on stage whose shows move through communicating dimensions. The multimedia Group 2012 create psychedelic projects in a audio-visual space which integrates 3D sounds, ethnic and ambient music, video, computer, projections, animations. Their discography includes the self-productions "Silvagen" (1999), "Freakuency Modulation" (1999), "Live in Helsinki" (2000) and "EAR-TH-PSY-CHE-DEL-I-CA" (2002).
uriah@hedgehogs.softjoys.ru / http://2012.spb.ru
SCHWARZ (Spain) "Punkadelic"
Active since the late 90s, the Murcia (Spain) based Schwarz have released three albums on the development of the post-rock sound toward expansive and emotional directions where to play with the opposites in the meeting between rarefaction and noise, exuberance and minimalism. An original course in evidence with "Hard Listening" (2000) and "Heptágono" (2002, a collective work with the experimental Manta Ray), both released on their own Sandwich Records label.
schwarz@wanadoo.es / http://perso.wanadoo.es/schwarz
DONO CELESTE (Italy) "Piano Cell"
A Genova based band who took off recently, but immediately putting themselves in evidence with the debut "So Linger" (2000, Mellow), a zone of magical balances offsetting gravity. A cosmic flowing in the most internal orbit of the space-rock system, close to the heart of the sun, in the caloric tangle of astro-physical reactions. Dono Celeste means Celestial Gift.
Missy is the wife of Steven Roback (Rain Parade, Viva Saturn, among the people who invented the Paisley Underground), her partner also in this debut (alongside a line-up including Tom Mooney from American Music Club), a prelude to the album "Just Like Breathing". From S. Francisco a sensation of guitar wonderings caressed by acoustic breezes and swirled by ultraelectric flashes on the thread of a sublime slide.
missy@missyroback.com / http://www.missyroback.com / http://www.hearkittyrecords.com
From Osaka, Japan, the strings of Kaminumada Yohji thread oblique textures, nearly the musical architecture of a dream. A fairytale told by sitar, guitars, remote ethnic percussions, destined to drag to another dimension, the one of the contact between time (tokiji) and space in the middle of a psychedelic folk improvisation along three albums: "Manatsu No Ame" (Midsummer Rain - Ebisu '97), "Kokoro Ni Yaiba" (Sword in My Heart - Ebisu '98) and "Katana" (Aether 2000).
MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL (France) "World In Flame"
Conceived in mid 90s in Vire (Eastern Bretagne) and inspired from a book by the poet TS Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral debuted with an eponymous LP followed by "Afraid of…" (1999, Soleil de Gaia). It's always a music that supports a wild guitar necessity, strongly affirming the value of the electric approach, of an acid vision often aimed at destroying the riff's granitic geometry in an explosion of glowing psychedelic splinters.
pmoru@wanadoo.fr / http://perso.wanadoo.fr/psych.park/murderinthecathedral.html
RAINBOHEMIANS (UK) "Sticky Strolls"
Founded in 1993 by Sean and Jesse of Moonflowers, here is another seducing creature from the Bristol collective in their most radiant and contaminated manifestation. Started as a contemplative counterpoint to the main band, the Rainbohemians became stable since 1996 though they were able to record only in 1999 with the establishment of Colours and Sounds (studio and label) through which they manage their activity.
info@coloursandsounds.freeserve.co.uk / www.coloursandsounds.freeserve.co.uk
TROTTEL MONODREAM EXPERIENCE (Hungary) "The House Of The Witches"
This Budapest based band was founded 15 years ago, and as a project in constant motion with different members they released 8 albums starting from 1989, the most recent of which were released through their own label Trottel Records and the latest one "Fluid" (2001) with the same line-up of "The House of the Witches". A hybrid dance of a sensual body, electrifying and labyrinthine music like a warm human hug.
trottel@mail.netx.hu / http://trottel.mentha.hu
REPLIKAS (Turkey) "Royal March from the Soldier Tale"
Very active in Istanbul since 1998 and architects of an amalgam of influences wherein the West side is inspired by Can and minimalistic experimental music as well as punk and psychedelia, while the East side is inspired by 'zakir' rituals, collective happenings of trance-orgasmic ambiences. To the debut "Köledoyuran" (Ada Music, 2000), some recent sessions followed, from which this tribute to Igor Stravinskj's Soldier Tale came out, with its 'no war'- inspired version of the Royal March.
replikas@replikas.com / http://artists2.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Replikas/
LAZILY SPUN (UK) "3 Eyed Monster"
Rising in Manchester last millennium, the Lazily Spun were largely responsible for implementing the UK government's widely criticized extraction of cerebrospinal DMT from the general populace. Currently finding solstice in pineal glands everywhere, tracks for the Ptolemaic Terrascope, Camera Obscura and the Earworm label have provided plentiful moneys for expansion into the underworlde. The band is currently recording tracks in their studio in the independent republic of Salé for an album scheduled for release in 2002.
spun@liverpool.ac.uk / www.lazilyspun.co.uk
(P) 21 Marzo 2002

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