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"St. Ride"
Mizmaze / Snowdonia

St. Ride was founded in Genova during 1998 by the meeting of three people: Gusme (tapes, CD players, short wave radio, microphones, various sonic sources), Edo (synth, rhythms, mixer, studio machinery), Rino (catalyst). They started out in 2001 with this self titled CD of sharp, enjoyable music, a background for domestic thoughts but also an attempt of song unhinged by slanted strategies, their cue for moving away… "St. Ride is the silent expropriation of the human from himself in his confrontation with the technology. St. Ride exists since the latter prevailed and will keep on existing even after ejecting its own members"… This electronic thought rummages among every age's sonic souvenirs, playing with what it finds, facing with humour the loss of the 'emotional' man, so bulky and irritating for the 'modern' man. But it's also alienation translated to music among spontaneity, talent and the sweetish taste of kitsch; a constant appetite like a civilisation slowly chewed by the civilisation itself where the non-music of geometric wizards like Kraftwerk, Neu!, Eno smiles. A cosmic swarm in accidental contact with everyday noises provocatively coming back in circle from a faint rocking motion in the flowing irony of an enlightening aestheticism, as healing as the therapeutic property of the oneiric power.
After the release of "St. Ride" the trio focused on a live activity including some non-dance radical DJing and combined appearances with Astronaughty in the wake of different events, going from Genoese environments to Milan's Triennale in the context of 'Creative Web & TV Festival'. At present they are still busy finishing their new CD for a forthcoming release.

(P) 2001

mizmaze@tiscalinet.it snowdonia@ctonline.it

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