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"Raw Ohm"
Mizmaze / Snowdonia

Douglas Wright Ferguson Ohm is a Fort Worth, Texas based band founded by Nathan Brown (bass, drums), Doug Ferguson (electronic, mellotron), Chris Forrest (bass and soprano clarinet), S. Forest Ward (percussion, sax) and Mason Weisz (guitar). Started in mid 90s, they represent one of the most interesting bands of the Texan scene, spreading an original cosmic sound through a couple of albums: "O2" (Timothy's Brain, 1997) and "Voices" (Two Ohm Hop, 1999) which exposed Ohm music through inner and outer space. Ohm is also the unit of electric resistance, a marker of the sonic current density: of growing intensity as the resistance decreases, hotter and ever more irradiating as the resistance increases. The oscillation of this wave proceeds between electronic and acoustic phases, creates confluence, and becomes spontaneous dimension within "Raw Ohm" capturing the Texan cosmic couriers live during various concerts. Liquid and harmonic pulses slacken - quicken leading the electronic breath between zones of zero-gravity and chaos, flow on the imperceptible and mutating minimal cycle to meet the woodwinds' breeze on the raising percussion and wide tinkling. A strong scent of earth in the wind short-circuited with space at the point of resistance Ohm.
Douglas Wright Ferguson
Sept. 25, 1970 - Feb. 23, 2002
In Loving Memory
Nathan, Doug and Chris


Raw Ohm



· "O2" (Timothy's Brain, 1997)

· "Voices" (Two Ohm Hop, 1999)

· "Raw Ohm" (Mizmaze / Snowdonia, 2001)


track 1 Melodica Festival May '98 Austin, TX
track 2 Ohm practice summer '97 Ft. Worth, TX
track 3 Club Nowhere 11-29-97 Ft. Worth, TX
track 4 Club Nowhere 11-29-97 Ft. Worth, TX
track 5 The Argo 6-26-97 Denton, TX


mizmaze@tiscalinet.it http://www.flash.net/~ohmmusic snowdonia@ctonline.it