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"Come un Monaco Ubriaco" (Like a Drunken Monk)
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Fausto Balbo began in 1989 with a post punk - hardcore band called Jesus Went to Jerusalem (one song on a compilation). On early 1990 he founded Der Tod, a prog-wave-psych-metal oriented band with whom he recorded a couple of 7" (one split with Paul Chain) and the debut CD "Der Tod" (Last Scream) in 1995. Subsequently they worked on a second album, almost finished but never issued because on early 1997 Der Tod disbanded. In the late Der Tod period Fausto began to play several acoustic and electronic instruments, expanding his knowledge besides the guitar that had been his main instrument until then.
In early 1998 he decided to build his own studio based in his native Garessio (a little village in North-western Italy - between Imperia and Cuneo -) starting a solo experience and releasing the debut work "Tape 1" (cd-r) as Fausto Balbo. Equipping the studio became his main objective: he bought a lot of instrumentation and like an alchemist he created the music of "Fausto Balbo", which was issued on cd by Snowdonia during 2000. After that he also opened his studio to other musicians that contributed to the recordings of his second work planned for release in 2003. Fausto is concurrently involved in a side-project called MARFAUS (with his friend Marc Iacona / marc + fausto = marfaus) that was started in 1998 and should release their debut CD soon.

Fausto Balbo
CP Aperta
12075 Garessio
(CN) - Italy