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One by one we are all becoming shades
RED (1792 kb)
Valeria De Martini and Enrico Brunoldi

The band was born in March 2000 from the meeting of Valeria De Martini and Enrico Brunoldi, after a common experience in noise music.
Initially their sound was basically made of two guitars, in search of atmospheres as stripped down as possible, with a high improvisational content also on stage.
In June they released a first demo on cassette. The tracks are the result of a compositional process that tends to eliminate structures and arrangements not too far from bands like Magnog, Labradford, Rothko.
Between 2001 and 2002 they recorded some tracks for their first release due out on PK Records. Their music has evolved in time with the addition of various instruments and electronic sounds, anyway remaining within crepuscular landscapes.
Their live activity includes shows in Genova , Alessandria, Milano supporting Orso (Perishable Rec. USA), Deep End, Polis and in the context of several editions of the Alessandria Wave annual event.
One by One is still formed by Valeria and Enrico, even though other musicians often give their contribution. Enrico plays also with Deep End (keyboard and samples), an emerging post-rock Italian band.