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Snowdonia / Mizmaze

Besides being the 'bride of a bull', Maisie releases the music of Cinzia La Fauci and Alberto Scotti who developed the project toward a kaleidoscopic situation from the native Messina (Southern Italy) during seven years of activity. Each of their works is born out of the contribution of musicians scattered all around the world but joined in a visionary photosynthesis transforming creative beams into sonic lymph. So, after the production of other bands and compilations through their own label Snowdonia, here you are the new piece of organic music fully adhering to the mythological physiognomy of Maisie, as always humourus and whimsical, but this time entrusted to the 'artistic management' of Falter Bramnk, anagram of Frank Lambert, co-founder of the Crime collective (Centre Régional d'Improvisation et de Musique Expérimentale, http://crimeasso.free.fr). From this Lille-based French collective also come almost all of the musicians involved, with the addition of a little Italian and German extension: an all-encompassing trajectory behind the tracks of bands as Silent Block, MMD, Daisy Cooper, Jacopo Andreini & Fartfara with peripheral fringes reaching Art Zoyd and Jad Fair. Its title says "Music is a Fish Defrosted with a Hair Dryer" and the action is in full accordance with the usual hallucinated pop vein that shines and glitters in Maisie's brooding improvisation; at the same time being a feedback signal wrapped in a game of high-resolution acoustic - electric - electronic movements among arrangements which seem to flow along the stereo channels like a dynamic stroke coming back to Maisie without ever frustrating her capricious hastiness.


Cinzia ...and Alberto

· "Maisie and the Incredible Strange Choir of Paracuwaii" (Snowdonia) 1999

· "Do You Remember When You Found Your Lud in My Nostril?" (Snowdonia / BS5 / Mizmaze) 2000

· "Music is a Fish Defrosted with a Hair Dryer" (Snowdonia / Mizmaze) 2002

(P) 2002

mizmaze@tiscalinet.it snowdonia@ctonline.it http://snowdonia.interfree.it