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(MZ 012)

Here it is finally on disc the music of the Doppler Effect, up to now known to be the frequency drift of a sound or light-wave emitted by a source in relative motion from the observer / listener, besides being used in medical diagnosis and set among the fundamental principles of the Theory of Universe Expansion. The Effetto Doppler of "indifferenticieli" (indifferent skies) is basically the gathering of Dario Antonetti (bass, guitar, voice), Maurizio Consonni (guitar, synth, voice), Fabio Agnesina (guitar, voice) and Manuel Papis (drums) after the experiences with Kryptästhesie, Dalsangre and Acidi Tonanti, former creative presences in the Lecco musical scene and in the Italian underground.
Wherever it turns, "indifferenticieli" is the existential trip of a human and scientific crossover driven by a pop osmosis in the full space of experimentation. A starship of frequencies where the orchestra of echo ignites the rock'n'wave reactor, modulating inspired lyrics in a guitar and rhythmic magma, among funk pulses, psychedelic fractals, alien punk, cosmic ballads, along an oscillating route of fantasy and consciousness. From the billows of "17 Febbraio" (February 17th) obscure events of environmental threats resurface, wrapped in ultra-electric fumes, a space-time recombined also by the pressurisation of "Stato di Grazia" (State of grace), the other subsonic system oriented by a sidereal bass. Impossible staying still, maybe just for the time to contemplate the passage of "Cometa" (Comet) in a turn illuminated by electro-acoustic spells, a further cue of visceral sonic (in)(con)science expanding Effetto Doppler's sinuously rough co-ordinates from the swirling of "Tre Modi" (Three ways) to the omni-directional lunacy of "Sensi" (Senses) in an ecstatic-initiatic fragrance, perceiving states of introspection from the places most affected by the crossing of the planetary currents. And if the skies are indifferent, "Perché Sei Vento" (Because you are wind) outstretches a hydrogen straw from space searching for a transmigrating nectar, fresh as a pirate breeze, until the bulbous and oscillating waves of "Carbonio" (Carbon) that rise with crystalline splendour. With meticulous inventive, Effetto Doppler release visions of sublime poetry that really make the emotions sing. And the tribal ethos of "Indifferente" (Indifferent), spiritualised by the acoustic contact of ato-mystic arpeggios, settles indivisible roots up and downwards, where psychedelic variations in motion through the kaleidoscope of "La Valle dell'Oro" (The valley of gold), "Flashback" and "Il Silenzio" (The silence) can be heard. A slow, thrilling, disintegration of every sense and structure, like a Twilight Zone, a Zabriskie Point from which to start again with the only sound that matters. The one of a heartbeat. The one of Effetto Doppler.

(P) 2003



Listen the music of Effetto Doppler:

Carbonio (3,311KB) from"indifferenticieli"